Here are some videos.

Client: Enrique Campos
Backstory: This video showcases, Grammy Latino-nominated artist, Enrique Campo’s live debut in Los Angeles
Role: Production, camera operator
Location: Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles

Client: ZonGuru
Backstory: A Q&A session that does not back out from the tough-questions while having a laugh. Includes several blink-and-you-miss-it Easter eggs.
Role: Production, camera operator, and post-production.
Location: Hollywood, CA.

Client: Fil₂r Water
Backstory: Promotional video aimed at promoting Fil₂R Water’s successful Kickstarter campaign.
Role: Camera operator.
Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Client: Savora (Unilever / Southern Cone)
Backstory: Video series with recipes featuring Savora, Unilever’s mustard brand for Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.
Role: Production.
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Backstory: I shot this video during the early quarantine days. My cat was napping, I’d just gotten a new tripod… the rest is history. 🙃
Role: Camera operator, post-production.
Location: Los Angeles, CA.